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«Vogue, Come what may» (Vogue, la galère. Arrive ce qui pourra.) The voguing imported into Europe, was the product of the Afro-American gay culture born in the margins of society at the turn of the 1920s and 30s in Harlem’s travesty circles. It resurfaced in the 60’s at Rikers Island Prison in the United States where men were given Vogue magazines as a support for «personal relaxation.» At that moment, the men will begin to identify with the women’s models of the magazine, to pose like these others and to organize parades within the prison itself. Subsequently, the atmosphere of urban dances born in gay clubs in New York will be added. Practiced in balls by blacks & Latino Americans, who explore genres and dreams. Glamorous poses, fierce competitions, high-energy house music, fascinating performances ... This community takes its place during the regroupings planned for this purpose, letting fate play its role.